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From 4th quarter 1998 to the end of 2001

This report contains not only the Foundation’s activities
but also various information on happenings around the Hubay name,
since the Foundation became active and a reality.
The Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in the 2nd half of the 1990’s acknowledged the importance of the long forgotten (half century) Jeno Hubay and accepted to finance research work by Laszlo Gombos in what regards Jeno Hubay and his importance in Hungarian music, accepting at the same time that a Dissertation be made to the Hungarian Doctorial Council of the Academy of Music.

Apart from the above event and the recognition of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, as well as the public utilization of the Hubay name by official institutes, three different music ensembles were formed, as follows:

- Hubay Jeno Chamber Orchestra with artistic director Zoltan Kokenyessy who is also conductor and viola artist. This was founded in 1998, with its members being young musicians.

- The Budapest Hubay Jeno Chamber Orchestra was also formed with artistic director Maria Zs. Szabo, violin professor of the Academy of Music.

- A Hubay Youth Orchestra was also formed by the Hubay Music School in Budapest with members being students coming from the same school.

October 9th and 10th, 1998
Musicological Conference at the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in honor of the former Director Dr. Zoltan Falvy's 70th Birthday. The presentation was made by Laszlo Gombos, dealed with the comparsons in the careers of Liszt and Hubay.

November 1998
A book was published on Jeno Hubay works by Laszlo Gombos (Hungarian Composers, volume 1, in Hungarian and in English, separately), which was also presented at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt.

November 15th 1998
Festival in memory of Jeno Hubay, including the foundation of the Jeno Hubay Society (president Denes Kovacs), a Jeno Hubay exhibition in the "Obudai Tarsaskor" (made by Laszlo Gombos) and a concert, that same  evening, in memory of Hubay.

January 1999
J eno Hubay CD was published and put on sale (Works for Violin and Piano, Vol.2. Ferenc Szecsodi violin, Istvan Kassai piano. Suite op.5, Romance, Blumenleben op.30,  Hungarian Variations op.72). Works for Violin and Piano Vol.1 was published in 1997 (Sonate romantique op.22, Impressions de la Puszta op.44, Sechs Stuecke op.121).

January 11-12th 1999
New York City, Charles Castleman played with Jens Nygaard Hubay’s Csarda scenes no.2, 8 and 12, and on 4th February at the Eastman School of Music, New York, the no.8 and 12

February 1999
Hungaroton Classic recording company asked for permission to record Hubay's violin concertos.

RAGIN (Ragin Wenk-Wolff) American violinist confirmed the recording of 4 Hubay violin concertos in November 2000 with the Bratislava Symphonic Orchestra.

April 1999
Hungaroton Classic recorded a new Jeno Hubay CD (Works for Violin and Piano, Vol. 3, Lahore Suite, Deux Melodies de J. Massenet, Carmen Fantasy, A Puszta Journey, Echos de la Puszta, Children's Scenes, Fliederbusch).

April 5th and 7th 1999
New York, 14 students of Charles Castleman played all the 14 Csarda scenes of Hubay

April 26-27th 1999
New York City, Charles Castleman played with Jens Nygaard Hubay’s 4th concerto for violin

May 5th 1999
Galaconcert with orchestra for the Hubay violin competition organized by the Academy of Music, with finals having been  on 19th April. The finalist participated in the Gala Concert. All participants in the Hubay violin competition, financed by the Foundation, must always play two Hubay Works.

May 17th 1999
Hubay concert given by the Hubay Chamber Orchestra, directed by Zoltan Kokenyessy in the concert hall of the Obudai Tarsaskor (Trois morceaux op.58/1, Romance, Arlequin, Cantilene, Tendre aveu, Maggiolata, Blumenleben op.30 orchestral version, etc.).

May 18th 1999
Historical concert of Gyorgy Bordas (baritone) and Istvan Kassai (piano) in the National Library, presented Hubay songs, amongst other pieces.

Spring 1999
In the Szechenyi National Library was found several unpublished Hubay pieces, which will be published and also performed by Mr. Kokenyessy.

October 1999
The Hungaroton Classic company confirmed that they will record the Hubay violin concertos no.1-4. These recordings will take place in Summer 2000, playing by Vilmos Szabadi.

December 1999 -  The article prepared by Gombos Laszlo on the comparisons of the careers of Liszt and Hubay was published by the Institute for Music of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

December 19th 1999
Christmas Concert of the Rotary Club, in the "Marvany terem" concert hall of the Hungarian Radio, were Hubay works amongst Mozart and Bach, performed by the prize-winners of the Hubay violin competition.

December 31th 1999
San Antonio, Charles Castleman played with Christopher Wilkins the Csarda scenes no.2 and 4

January 31st 2000
Hubay concert performed by Gyorgy Bordas (baritone), Ferenc Szecsodi (violin), Istvan Kassai (piano), in the "Marvany terem" concert room, broadcasted on Radio.

January 7-8th 2000
Charles Castleman played with Peter Vronsky the Csarda scenes no.2, 5 and 4

February 2nd 2000
Concert by Ferenc Szecsodi at the Academy of Music, with works of Hubay and Lendvay. 

February 22nd 2000
Professor Alan Bullock (Professor at University of Leeds,  England) asked the Foundation for various data in what concerns Jeno Hubay and his family as he is publishing the collected letters of the Chaplin family. Antoinette Chaplin,  Chaplin’s daughter, studied violin with Jeno Hubay in Budapest in the 1920's and in the letters written to her family at that time, she often mentioned the name of Hubay and members of his family (the book was published: La famiglia Chaplin. Storia di un’epoca II. 1919-1930. Firenze, 2000).

March 2000
appeared the 3rd Jeno Hubay CD at the Hungaroton Classic (Works for Violin and Piano Vol. 3, Ferenc Szecsodi violin, Istvan Kassai piano). Content of the CD: Lahore Suite sur l' Opera "Le Roi de Lahore" de Massenet; Deux Melodies de J. Massenet; Carmen - Fantasy; A Puszta Journey / Eine Pusztenfahrt  op.57; Echos de la Puszta. Concert-Duo op.7; Scenes d'enfants op.84; Fliederbusch op.109

March 1st 2000
Brussel’s based company is shooting a documentary film on European culture where, amongst others, the Hubay name will appear as an important personality in the development of Hungarian music culture. The Foundation provided all needed material.

March 29th 2000
Ferenc Szecsodi’s concert in Pecs with full Jeno Hubay program.

April 2000
redorcing of the CD: Jeno Hubay Works for Violin and Piano Vol. 4, Ferenc Szecsodi violin, Istvan Kassai piano.

April 13th 2000
jubileum concert at the Academy of Music given by Denes Kovacs, president of the Jeno Hubay Society, on the occasion of his 70th birthday

April 29th 2000
Scientific conference at the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where a lecture was held by Laszlo Gombos, on the decisive years of Hungarian music, at the beginning of the 20th century. The center of this performance were Jeno Hubay’s writings about music/culture.

Spring 2000
Vilmos Szabadi recorded two of Hubay’s violin concertos in Miskolc with the Miskolc Symphony Orchestra, conducting Laszlo Kovacs. The other 2 concertos were redorded by the same artists in 2001, and appeared at the Hungaroron Classic company in August 2001 in a double CD-ablum.

May 2000
In this month the Hungarian Radio several times broadcasted Hubay’s violin works from Szecsodi’s CD’s, for example on May 7th: In the Spinning Room (op.44 no.3), played by Ferenc Szecsodi violin, Istvan Kassai piano. On this occasion appeared a Hubay-photo in the Radio Program Magazine. 

May 9th 2000
session at the Hungarian Radio, contract between the Hungarian Radio, the Hungarian Musical Forum and the Hubay Foundation according to the performance of Hubay’s  cantata (Ara pacis, on a poem by Romain Rolland)

June 5-12th 2000
First National Jeno Hubay Violin Competition at the Academy of Music, Budapest. The traditional violin competition of the Academy of Music for the first time become a nationalwide one, organised by the Hubay Society and the Academy of Music. 

   - Members of the jury: Denes Kovacs president, Bela Banfalvi, dr. Zoltan Falvy, Andras Kiss, Eszter Perenyi, Emil Petrovics, Istvan Kassai. 
  - Program: First turn: Bach suite movements, a Hubay Etude, a Hubay character piece (Carmen fantasy or Zephir and Perpetuum mobile, or Walzer-paraphrase), a contemporary Hungarian violin sonata movement.  Final turn: Violin concertos of Beethoven, Brahms, Tschaikowsky and Mendelssohn, accompanied by the Orchestra of the Academy.
  - Winners: 1st prize: Gyula Vadaszi, 2nd prize: Csaba Birkas, 3rd prize: Katalin Kokas
  - the Hubay Foundation offered special prizes to the best Hubay-interpretators (to Bence Gazda playing the Perpetuum mobile, to Gyula Vadaszi and Csaba Birkas playing the Carmen fantasy) 

June 11-12th 2000
crownings at the Academy of Music in the Hubay-room, at the Hubay palace and in the Kerepesi temeto at Hubay’s burrial place, with speeches of Denes Kovacs and Laszlo Gombos. The Duna Television recorded the crowning in the burrial place

June 12th 2000
Gala concert of the Hubay Violin Competition, at the Academy of Music, recorded by th Hungarian Radio

June 2000
the Hubay Foundation let made copies from a Hubay-plaquette (made by the famous Hungarian sculptor Ede Telcs in 1927) to give as a present to the winners of the Hubay Violin Competition and other important persons

June 2000
appeared several articles in Budapest about the First National Jeno Hubay Violin Competition (longer articles: in the "Nepszabadsag" by Bela Javorszky, in the "Muzsika" and "Zene, zene, tanc" by Laszlo Gombos); interwiews with Denes Kovacs violin professor, Andras Kiss violin professor, Gyula Vadaszi prize winner, Laszlo Gombos musicologist in newspapers, the Hungarian Radio, Duna Television and Hungarian Television

June-July 2000
the Foundation made recording from the Hubay Violin Competition, and compiled CD’s, given as a documentary to the players and others

From June 5th 2000
exhibition at the Budapest Academy of Music: Jeno Hubay and the Hungarian Violin School, arranged by Laszlo Gombos using original Hubay documents. The exhibition connected to the First National Jeno Hubay Violin Competition, and the same exhibition was possible to see at the Franz Liszt Research Library for the participiants of the International conference of the Internaional Musicological Society, held in August in Budapest

June-July 2000
the Hubay Foundation according its offer to the Ara pacis performance collected, completed and made the revision of the orchestral parts of the work, to make it to be able to performe

June 22th 2000
Hubay’s melodrama (Simon Judit) was performed in Balatonfoldvar by Jozsef Szekhelyi and Katalin Szirtes, during the “Foldvari Napok" conference and  festival. Miklos Dolinszky referred about the piece positively in his essay appeared to the melodrama-evening

July 2000
the Foundation collected most of the musical scores to the next volumes (5-7, and supplement to the 4th) to Hubay’s Works for Violin CD serie, appearing at the Hungaroton Classic. According to the original plans on the 4th CD should have played by Ferenc Szecsodi and Istvan Kassai all the 21 Brahms-Hubay Hungarian dances. Because the no.11-21 – as the lagal successor of the original Augener Edition in London informed – were unfortunately never published in Hubay’s edition, only the no.1-10 appeared together with other Hubay-pieces on the 4th CD next year

July 2000
the Foundation made its Internet home page, to give informations about Hubay’s person, activity and about the Hungarian Violin School, with a datailed list of works, photos and biography. From the 2nd half of 2000 arrived several requests to the Foundation to give informations and help to have musical scores and recordings (

Aug. 2nd 2000
the Bartok Radio broadcasted the concert of the prize-winners of the Hubay Violin Competition arranged by the Academy of Music in 1999. The concert was recorded in Dec. 1999

Aug. 23rd 2000
opening feast of the exhibition of the 125 year old Academy of Music. In this exhibition, made by Maria Eckhardt, after half a century negligence playd Hubay an important role. The Foundation gave original documents to this exhibition

September 2000
The Jeno Hubay Music School exposed in its rooms a part of the former Hubay-exhibition at the Academy (the great tableaus) 

September 6th 2000
to a Japanese delegation played Bence Gazda (accompanied by prof. Anna Lugosi) Hubay’s Carmen fantasy at the Council room of the Academy of Music

September 11th 2000
interview with Maria Csevy, secretar of the Hubay Society in the Radio Magazine about Hubay and the coming Ara pacis performance

September 15th 2000
Hubay violin works at the Bartok Radio Budapest with Ruggiero Ricci and Ferenc Szecsodi

September 21st 2000
world premiere of Hubay’s Ara pacis, cantata op.114 on the poem by Romain Rolland. Concert with great success at the Academy of Music, broadcasted by the Bartok Radio Budapest. Performers: Klara Kolonits - soprano, Andrea Melath - alto, Viktor Massanyi – baritone, Symphony Orchestra of the Hungarian Radio, Chorus and Children’s Chorus of the Hungarian Radio (Chorus masters: Kalman Strausz, Gabriella Thesz), Conducted by  Laszlo Kovacs. On the first half of the concert Vilmos Szabadi performed Hubay’s 3rd Violin Concerto.

        The patron of the concert: Minister of Culture Zoltan Rockenbauer, organised by the Hungarian Radio, Hubay Foundation, the Hungarian Musical Forum and the Hubay Society

September 21st 2000
reception at the Council room of the Academy of Music, after the premiere of Hubay’s Ara pacis, with leading persons of the Hungarian musical life, state and political notabilities, such as the Hungarian state president, ministers, ambassadors, other diplomats

September 23rd 2000
Kossuth Radio, critique about the concert of 21st by L. Gombos, and Interwiev with the artistic director of the Hungarian Radio, Janos Sziranyi

September 28th 2000
Interwiev in the Duna Television with Rozann Schidburg, Laszlo Hubay Cebrian and Laszlo Kovacs conductor in connection of the Ara pacis performance

October 2000
Lajos Cs. Nagy is writing a book about Hubay’s pupil, Nandor Zsolt, and the Foundation helps his work with informations and documents

October 15-26th 2000
Hungarian Millennium Festival in Holland, among others Hubay works was performed

October 17th 2000
concert at the Old Academy of Music, Gyula Vadaszi played Hubay’s Carmen fantasy

October 23rd 2000
Hubay’s Scenes d’enfants (10 Morceaux) in the Bartok Radio with F. Szecsodi and I. Kassai 

October 27th 2000
New York, Charles Castleman played with David Rudge Hubay’s Csarda scenes no.14, 4, 5

November 2000
articles in the “Zene, zene, tanc" magazine, in connection with the Ara pacis performance in September (Maria Csevi about the work of Hubay’s popularization, Judit Juhasz Introduction to the concert, Rita Gerencser about Hubay’s and the concerts importance)

November 4th 2000
live concert at the Hungarian Radio, the "Hubay quartet" played classical and jazz pieces

November 6th 2000
University South Carolina, Charles Castleman played the Csarda scene no.12

November 11-14th 2000
international conference at the Academy of Music: Liszt and the European Musical Teaching. 13th November: lecture of Maria Eckhardt and wiev of the Exhibition at the Academy, where Hubay’s person and importance was exhausted as well

November 13th 2000
concert at the Old Academy of Music: works of the great teachers of the 125 year old Academy. As the 6th piece Gyula Vadaszi played Hubay’s Carmen fantasy with Judit Szenthelyi at the piano

December 17th 2000
concert of the Rotary Club at the Hungarian Radio, given by the prize winners of the First National Hubay Violin Competition 2000. Program: 1. Bach: Chaconne (Daniel Papp), 2. Chausson: Poeme; Paganini - Auer: XXIV. caprice (Csaba Birkas), 3. Milstein: Paganiniana (Gyula Vadaszi), 4. Bartok: II. rhapsody (Katalin Kokas), 5. Hubay: Zephir; Perpetuum mobile (Bence Gazda), 6. Hubay: Carmen-fantasy (Gyula Vadaszi)

December 31st 2000
Hubay: Carmen fantasy with Gil Shaham at the Bartok Radio (with Akira Eguchi at the piano)

Further work by the Foundation in 2000 was carried out at the National Library in what regards classification of documents, correspondence and other historical pieces of interest for the history of Hungarian music culture.

The other important matter that the Foundation is dealing with, through its lawyers, is in trying to recoup the Music Hall in the “Hubay Palais", in order to revive the cultural and musical events in the Hall. Such a restitution would create, at the same time, a revenue flow for the Foundation, through an agreement to be made with the hotel that has been built in the “Hubay Palais", who have confirmed their interest in reaching an agreement with the Foundation, providing we get the Music Hall back to rent same for  convention facilities.

January 3rd 2001
Academy of Music, Budapest, concert of the Andras brothers, with Hubays Hejre Kati on the program 

January 2001
Roger Niremberg conductor (USA) planned to perform Hubay works with his orchestra

January 2001 – Mr. Charles Castleman, violin professor of the Eastman School of Music (Rocherster, New York), established contact with the Hubay Foundation. Mr. Castleman and his students are playing since years Hubay’s works

January 17 th 2001
lecture of Katalin Szerzo at the National Library, Budapest, about the connection of Brahms and the Hungarians. As an illustration played Istvan Kassai and Ferenc Szecsodi Brahms’s Hungarian Dances  (no, 1-3, 7,9), in Hubay’s transcription 

February 2001
the article of Istvan Kassai about a Hubay music front-page (Plainte arabes, op.6). The music historical facts were provided to the authos by the Hubay Foundation (Cactus in the Hungarian musichistory. (Story of a music front-page) KAKTUSZ-VILÁG

February 19th 2001
yearly meeting of the Hubay Society. The Society plans - with the Academy of Music and the Hubay Foundation - to organise in 2003 the first international Hubay Violin Competition in Budapest

March 8th 2001
Gala concert at hte Hubay Festival of the Hubay Music School, Budapest. The Music School organises in every 3 years this festival, this year 1000 students played on the first turn in Dezember 2000, and 200 in the second turn in January 2001. 

March 8th 2001
Vienna, Charles Castleman played the Csarda scene no.12, 4

April 5th 2001
Hubay concert at the Marble Room of the Hungarian Radio, broadcasted by the Bartok Radio. Ferenc Szecsodi (violin) and Istvan Kassai (piano) played Hubay’s transcriptions, character pieces and Csarda Scenes no.1, 3. and 4.

April 2001
the Hubay Foundation has got a new home page on the internet (

April 2001
recording of the CD with Ferenc Szecsodi (violin) and Istvan Kassai (piano): Jeno Hubay Works for Violin and Piano vol.5

April 23-24th 2001
New York, Charles Castleman played the Csarda scene no.3, 4, 5

May 2001
professor Charles Castleman was working on an article about Hubay’s Csarda Scenes, and the Foundation provided him documents

June 2001
the Foundation made a through research in the Archive of the National Library Budapest, founding the concert programs of Hubay and the Hubay-Popper quartet at the end of the 19th century

July 10th 2001
the Bartok Radio broadcasted the recording of the concert, held in the Marble room of the Radio on 17 December 2000, and organised by the Rotary Club and the Hubay Foundation

July 12th 2001
appeared a new CD at the Hungaroton Classic - Jeno Hubay: Works for Violin and Piano, Vol.4, Ferenc Szecsodi violin, Istvan Kassai piano (Brahms-Hubay: Hungarian Dances no.1-10, Hubay: Pensee triste, Berceuse op.74, Dix pieces caracteristiques op.79, Perpetum mobile op.88, Fruehlings-Liebeslieder, Chanson d'amour printanier op.120), with the essay of L. Gombos

July 2001
it is planned to make a documentary film about Hubay, and the Foundations provides all sorts of documents and helps to create the conception of the film

September 2001
appeared Jeno Hubay Violin concertos (complete edition) at the Hungaroton Classic. Vilmos Szabadi violin, North Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, Miskolc, conducted by Laszlo Kovacs, with the essay of L. Gombos and V. Szabadi

October 2001
Ms Marlot Lerch (Germany) established contact with the Hubay Foundation. She is helping to find the possibilities of a German edition of a Hubay book (translation of the book of L. Gombos, or a new one)

October 2001
the Foundation helped to create the new conception of the Hubay Works for Violin and Piano complete edition (published by the Hungaroton Classic), and working on collecting the musical scores to the next volumes

October 11th 2001
concert in Drôme (France): "La Hongrie en France" (Centre International d’Art et d’Animation, Avec la participation du Ministere de la Culture Hongroise, Mr. le Ministre des Affaires Etrangeres francaises et le bureau Hungarofest de Budapest). Ferenc Szecsodi violin, Gabriella Szentpeteri piano. The program included Hubay: Sonate romantique, Brahms-Hubay: Danses Hongroises (extraits), Hubay: Carmen – Fantaisie brillante D’apres l’oeuvre de Bizet, Scenes de la Csarda no.2

October 11th 2001
concert in Ande (Normandie, France): ROMANTISME HONGROIS - Hommage a Jeno Hubay. Gabriella Szentpeteri, piano et Ferenc Szecsodi violon. 

October 22th 2001
concert in memoriam Jeno Hubay at the "Obudai Tarsaskor", Budapest, as a part of the Tibor Varga Festival. Ferenc Szecsodi violin, Gabriella Szentpeteri piano. The program included Hubay: Sonate romantique, Romance (op.25), Csarda scene no.2, In der Spinnstube (op.44) and Epanchement (op.79. no.3.)

November 2001
Hubay concert in Szeged, Hungary, in memoriam of Hubay’s first concert in Szeged, before 125 years. Ferenc Szecsodi and Gabriella Szentpeteri played works of Hubay

December 9th 2001
Christmas concert of the Rotary Club and the Hubay Society, given by Csaba Birkas, Gyula Vadaszi, Ferenc Szecsodi and Eszter Perenyi violin

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